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Environmental Dust Monitoring

Environmental Dust & Vapour Monitoring Services

Public awareness and concern regarding both the impact and health effects of both nuisance (fall out) dust and fine (PM10 / PM2,5) matter has significantly increased in recent years.

Therefore, the requirement for approved environmental dust monitoring has become standard practice for many industrial and commercial undertakings, particularly those with long running routine operations (e.g. landfill sites, mining & quarrying operations, regeneration sites) or those where undertakings may produce short term issues (e.g. construction sites, demolition sites, road/rail developments & improvements).

Environmental dust monitoring, often in combination with a requirement to monitor background concentrations of noxious gases (e.g. Nitrogen Dioxide, BTEX compounds, 1-3 Butadiene, Hydrogen Sulphide) is frequently a prerequisite of pre-start and planning and subsequent ongoing site operations; or may be required in response to public or neighbourhood nuisance complaints.

As a consequence, S.I. Environmental Limited will assist clients in all aspects of the above, providing a comprehensive equipment hire, sampling, analysis and reporting service.

The dust and vapour monitoring methods will be based on the preferred methods and protocols outlined in Environment Agency Guidance Note M17 ‘Monitoring of particulate matter in ambient air around waste facilities (https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/m17-monitoring-of-particulate-matter-in-ambient-air-around-waste-facilities); Environment Agency Guidance Note ‘M8 monitoring ambient air’ (https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/m8-monitoring-ambient-air); SEI Method for Ambient Dust Monitoring (http://www.hanby.co.uk/frisbeeprotocol.pdf); and The Control Of Dust And Emissions During Construction And Demolition Supplementary Planning Guidance – Mayor of London 2011 (https://www.london.gov.uk/file/18750/download?token=zV3ZKTpP) and other relevant documents.

Dust & Vapour Monitoring Services Include:

  • Hire of passive and electronic environmental dust monitoring equipment.
  • Full on-site installation and sampling services.
  • Flexible monitoring programmes designed to enable clients to fulfil their monitoring obligations (without entailing excessive costs).
  • Provision of diffusive sorbent tubes/pumped sampling for gases and vapours (independently or to form part of a comprehensive environmental monitoring survey).
  • Analysis of samples to be carried out to UKAS standards by our partner laboratories if required.
  • Range of extended analysis on collected samples available to assist with interpretation of results.
  • Sale of environmental dust monitors.
  • Full reporting service available including routine reports, extended/statistical/charted reports and summary reports for submission to relevant enforcement authorities.
  • Provision of Environmental Impact Assessments (in conjunction with our consultant partners).

Environmental Dust & Vapour Monitoring Services
Environmental Dust & Vapour Monitoring Services
Environmental Dust & Vapour Monitoring Services

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