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Noise Assessments

Noise Assessments Surveys and The Control of Noise at Work

Since the ‘Control of Noise at Work Regulations 2005’ came into effect, it has been the responsibility of employers to ensure their workers are not exposed to levels of noise beyond the new limits. With Daily Noise Exposure Action Values now 85 dB(A) and 80 dB(A) upper and lower values respectively, it’s essential that effective noise assessments are carried out to determine individual exposure levels within the workplace. It is a legal requirement to make an assessment of the risk of hearing damage where it cannot be confirmed that the workplace noise exposure is below 80 dB(A).

S.I. Environmental, since it’s conception in 2000, have been delivering comprehensive workplace noise assessments and common-sense noise control advice to all types of businesses, and are one of the UK’s most trusted providers of workplace noise surveys and employee exposure monitoring. S.I. Environmental will conduct comprehensive noise assessments that include full sites as well individual equipment and manufacturing processes. You’ll receive a detailed and comprehensive report that includes the results of our workplace noise surveys and assessments, identifying any employees or site visitors that may be at risk of hearing damage. Upon submission of our noise assessments report we’ll provide practical advice and information to help you achieve noise levels that meet today’s strict exposure limits. In addition, we will assess the different types of hearing protection that may be in use on site to determine if it is suitable and sufficient for the various noise levels and octave frequencies. Each type of hearing protection provides varying noise attenuation at the different octave frequencies, and it is important to ensure that your employees have the correct type of hearing protection.

Workplace Noise Assessments
Workplace Noise Assessments
Workplace Noise Assessments
Workplace Noise Assessments

Environmental Noise Monitoring

As well as workplace noise surveys, Environmental noise assessments may be necessary as businesses often need to provide evidence, and prove compliance with: BS 4142:2014 – methods for Rating and Assessing Industrial and Commercial Sound, where the local authority may consider that your business is causing a noise nuisance in the local area, or for any an integral part of the planning procedures for changes in your business that could directly affect the surrounding environment. S.I. Environmental have many years of experience conducting BS 4142 Environmental noise surveys and assessments, and we’re able to monitor environmental noise accurately over long periods, analysing background noise and conducting noise assessments during peak hours, off-peak and during the night time.

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